PSYCH TAPAS 03.19.15:

nail-biting as manifestation of perfectionism, breath analysis as window into your sleep, the perils of soybean oil and diet soda and mind-body exercise for smarter aging

Nail biting,skin picking, hair pulling — Body-Focusd repetitive behaviors [BFRB].

“The results highlight the role of boredom, frustration, and impatience in triggering BFRBs”

Forget that silly iPhone app under your mattress…Breathsound analysis baby is the way to analyze your sleep [maybe]:

GMO Soybean oil…not so bad but compared to what?

“While the GM soybean oil may have fewer negative metabolic consequences than regular soybean oil, it may not necessarily be as healthy as olive oil, as has been assumed by its fatty acid composition, and it is certainly less healthy than coconut oil which is primarily saturated fat,”

That diet soda could be making your belly get bigger!

Exercise, brain training = healthy cognition as you age — FINGER study

“multi-domain intervention could improve or maintain cognitive functioning in at-risk elderly people from the general population”