Lydia Sohn

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A new understanding of money empowered me to make a lot more of it (without the guilt)

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Seeing my husband as a gift, rather than an imposition, helped us deepen our relationship

My family.

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Candid photo taken by a friend.

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I interviewed the oldest people I know. Their responses contradict popular research about aging and happiness.

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  1. Whatever unfolds in the future will come as a result of how you live now. (Jess Lively)
  2. Whenever you are overwhelmed or distracted, ask yourself what is the most important thing for me in this moment. Focus on that and release the rest. (Gary Keller and Jay Papasan)
  3. When we give more…

A Photo of Us from Our Happy Day

A minister sheds light on her overshadowed Christian community

With a good friend and fellow progressive Christian at the 2017 Women’s March in Los Angeles.

Lydia Sohn

Minister & Writer

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