CNA Week 3

Unarmed man shot by police officer, videos released

On September 16, Terence Crutcher was shot and killed by police officer Betty Shelby. Videos released show Crutcher walking to his vehicle with his hands in the air, then falling to the ground after being shot. Chief Chuck Jordan has been candid with media; Officer Shelby is on paid leave pending investigation.

NJ bombing suspect charged with shooting officer

The primary suspect in the two September 17 bombings has been charged with five counts of attempted murder after shooting two police officers Sunday morning. Ahmad Khan Rahami, an Afghanistan native and resident of Elizabeth, NJ, has been identified as the suspect for both the New York City bombing and the Seaside Park bombing. Rahami has not yet been charged for the bombings.

National anthem protest extends to high school athletes

Garfield High School football players joined the national anthem protest by kneeling during the anthem at their football game September 16. The coach stated that the students agreed to do it collectively, joining Colin Kaepernick and other professional athletes in protest of the anthem’s alleged pro-slavery lyrics. Some say this is disrespectful to veterans, others say it is a protest of an injust nation.