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I want to thank you all so much bc post-debate last night you kept me sane. As the whole country tries to Gaslight us, (Pence us perhaps?), NPR, PBS, NYT, CNN go on about the ugly debate and the mudslinging till I think I am going mad. This was not a debate that anyone should describe him winning or him doing well in. Hilary did not sling mud, she was slinging truth, which is in fact different. His character has very much become an important part of the race. Reading and listening, my anxiety grew, as it has this whole season. Then I got to Keepin’, and the beginning with Jon Lovett taking off on his mini-rant (and rant meant as a compliment here), launched into it and I knew that I am living in the same world as you all. And I felt the ground under my feet again. Would so love a transcript.

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