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WHY THE HELL HASN’T THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION FIXED FLINT’S WATER????? He acted in a very timely fashion to BAIL OUT BANKS & WALL STREET….he made sure thta INSURANCE COMPANIES & BIG PHARMA got what they wanted form the Affordable Care Act…his Dept. of Justice have CONTINUED THE TRADITION of PROTECTING ABUSIVE & BRUTAL POLICE. But, We The People CAN’T even count on him for CLEAN WATER that’s not DELIBERATELY POISONED BY GOVERNMENT DECISION. Here;’s your damn legacy, President Obama: an American city is POISONED BY ITS STATE GOVERNMENT & HE DID NOTHING, Ironcially if TERRORISTS HAD DONE THIS, YOU’D TAKE ACTION — -WRONG ACTION by bombing civilians in another country — but, at least, TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. Republins are CRUEL CREEPS & Democrats are USELESS SELLOUTS. Whta kind of “choice” is this?

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