The issue is that this situation is completely outside the jurisdiction of the president.
Sarah VV

Your response is, of course, reasonable. The State of Michigan is obvously at MOST fault since they CREATED this disaster,they should be fixing it. Seemslike Obama could get CREATIVE: at least assign FEMA to get water to these people..assing the Army Corp of Enginieers to FIX thedamn pipes (after all m, they are working on the NOrth Dakota Oil Pipeline being protested right now). I just really wonder what the president’s actual priorities have been these last 8 years. Congress is always blamed for everything(especially the GOP)..but, Obama had no problem bailing out Wall St/Big bank,,,waging & expanding wars…doing his Kill List every Tuesday to decide who’s gong to be assasinated by drones. But, fix the poinsoned water of one American city…nah,he doesn’t have the power to do that (or much of anything else that everyday people need). President Obama ONLY has the power to serve powerful people. FUnny howthat works.