Workation Greetings from London

From Glug x CANNT Festival Summer Party at Cargo, Shoreditch

Here’s how ten days in London change my perception on work, networking and travel. During my so called workation in London I learned to look left instead of right, managed to boost myself with the help of a new city. 
The conference was designed for me as a sole proprietor. A reward for making it so far, an incentive to keep going.

A couple of weeks before my DIY conference I turned to Google, as I usually do. Through Eventbrite’s website I found networking events, workshops and seminars, and immediately RSVPd. Through Instagram stalking I found communities where I wanted to belong.

I spent day 1 of the #lydiakconf practicing copywriting at D&AD with teacher Will Awdry, a talented and kind copywriter. I really enjoyed it. 
On Wednesday I attended CANNT Be Divided, a festival on content marketing with interesting talks by creators from Google, Facebook and Frank & Lively. During the rooftop networking mingle I met Amy Chao, a visual designer and strategist who introduced me to the workation concept and became my networking buddy of the week.

During Thursday I returned to the academic world and spent my day in a classroom at Kings College for a seminar on digital culture and language. 
In the evening I headed to Shoreditch to mingle and party with advertising types at the Glug Summer Party. Met several interesting and nice people, and had a overall good time mingling around in the hot summer evening.

Friday lunch I met up with Eva Tkavc who responded to my LinkedIn post about coming to London and connecting with new people. 
During a lovely picnic in London Fields we chatted about creativity, strategy, tech and social media. When we’ve finished our delicious lunch I got a office tour at Lost My Name where she works as a PR executive.

On the last day of my conference I joined The WW Club’s workshop for female entrepreneurs. It was very inspiring to discuss business strategy, creativity and goals with the founders of the WW Club, Wah Nails, Mean Mail, The Flower Arranger, House to Hold, and Felice Dahl. I’m so happy I went!

When my schedule was cleared from workshops and mingling events, I joined the Artsy team at Second Home, a coworking and office space near Bricklane. It’s spacious building filled with hardworking entrepreneurs and big ideas made me feel right at home. The lovely café on the first floor served fresh squeezed juices and delicious Ottolenghi-influenced food, which also helped contribute to the cool vibe.

The accommodation during my stay was a beautiful design apartment in Clerkenwell provided by The Plum Guide — a alternative Airbnb, only with more nice looking apartments and better costumer service. Having an apartment to rest my head between meetings, also contributed to a homey workation feeling.

I didn’t spend much time shopping in London, I rather invested in work related activities. But as I passed by Artworlds bookshop on Broadway Market I purchased a copy of Othega Owugba’s Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women. 
A straightforward and helpful guide that will accompany me to the beach this summer. Planning to write a review once I’m done with the 113 pages.

When I wrote down my notes for this blog post, I was sitting on a balcony sipping a crisp glass of wine. Enjoying the hot air outside, the chatters from the pub downstairs and watching big red busses passing by. I remember thinking that If I was on vacation I would probably do the same, but fighting thoughts about work instead of embracing them. 
 On my workcation, I’m supposed to think about work, and get things done. And that’s exactly what I’ve done.

Mixing business with pleasure is easy when you’re away, and a challenge when you’re home. At home, a panel, a networking event or party invite can sometimes feel too demanding, on your workation the complete opposite.

If overcoming challenges, grow professionally, welcome new ideas and expand your creativity is your thing — consider planning a workation. I’d be happy to help out with the research!