My Graphic Design Journey

Lydia Koh
Lydia Koh
Dec 8, 2019 · 3 min read

If you asked me why it’s taken 28 years for me to finally hunker down and start seriously learning Adobe Illustrator, I wouldn’t be able to answer.

All I know is there have been several pushing factors that led me to purchasing the Adobe Illustrator 2020 Masterclass on Udemy and dutifully going through lectures everyday.

First was the Adobe Creative Cloud Black Friday deal which offered 40% off all-app annual plans. I am now the proud owner of a yearly subscription and pledge to master Adobe Illustrator, and maybe even dabble in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Next was the Udemy Black Friday deal offering almost all classes for $9.99.

And then it was my realization for a need for another source of income in case something happens to the others, and also because it would be nice. Design and illustration has been a lifelong passion of mine, that plus my guilty pleasure is collecting stationery and journaling.

My Planned Career

Design opens up so many income streams, and fits neatly into my remote lifestyle.

  • Design original illustrations and turn them into stationery, enamel pins, clothing, merchandise etc.
  • Design for family/friends for free to build a portfolio
  • Design for fun to build a portfolio
  • Once portfolio is set, start reaching out to companies I love
  • Design digital assets and sell them online (passive income)
  • Eventually create video tutorials and post them on Youtube, Skillshare and/or Udemy (passive income)

My Graphic Design Journey

1. Udemy

I am working through this Illustrator CC 2020 MasterClass which has a 4.6 rating with 17,244 reviews (very impressive). So far I am on lesson 4.22 after 12 days, and intend to do more studying today.

What helps me is making notes as I go instead of following along with the class, because my mind is more of a sieve than a sponge and I forget things. (Also my Macbook Pro is glitching out and randomly restarts when I use too much memory [aka use Illustrator] probably because of a prior water damage accident. I’ll have to get that fixed soon, but I simply can’t bear to part with my mbp for more than a few days right now.)

I will most likely digitize my handwritten notes so I can CMD + F and find anything I need in second, instead of visually sifting through my notes.

2. Youtube tutorials and Time Lapses

Seeing how the pros create illustrations in time lapses like the above is both inspiring and encouraging. Not only do you get to watch their workflow, you also get fired up thinking I’m going to make beautiful illustrations someday.

Graphic design basics eg. Color Theory is thoroughly covered in free tutorials on Youtube such as the above. Since I’m self-taught and don’t plan on going to art school for time and cost reasons, I use these to supplement my Udemy Masterclass.

3. Practice

I haven’t gotten to this part yet because I want to learn more about Adobe Illustrator and the most efficient workflows, instead of jumping in and bumbling around. I intend to start practicing once I’m confident I know the important shortcuts + the most efficient way to achieve the illustration I want.

Please reach out if you’re interested in joining me on this Graphic Design Journey! I’d love to have you.

This post is #30/1000 of my 1000 posts in 1000 days series.

Lydia Koh

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Lydia Koh

1000 posts in 1000 days challenge. Mother of cats. Animal, travel and tea lover. I eat and I know things.

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