Meaningful friendship

“You don’t need many friends, just a handful of meaningful friendship will do”, my aunt advises me.

I nodded my head to express my understanding, “For some friends, if they are not happy in life, they don’t want you to be happy in life either.”

She pauses, then delivers the punchline, “The worst kind is those who are already happy in life, but don’t want you to be happier than them.”

It was a moment of revelation for me.

I do come across people who envy and compare a lot. Someone they know is dealt with better luck in life. That person is seemingly richer, looks amazing and having more fun than them. Unnecessary comparison and envy parties are not inspiring at all. It is scary to be among such people. It also puts me on guard not to become the subject of their fodder.

Being unconscious in patterns of unhealthy thinking will shape you for a bitter and sour life. What you think you become. Your inner life reflects outwards. It is visible on your countenance, oblivious to you yet totally obvious to others. There is time to turn things around — seek external counselling, volunteer at charitable organisations, read widely to broaden horizons and be appreciative that the sun rises every morning for you.

I put boundaries with people who deflate my spirit with their incessant comparison-and-envy-party. I want to choose carefully who I invest my finite energy with. I rather partake in uplifting conversations with friends who spur me on to be the best version of myself, wiser and healthier. They are the ones I want to cultivate meaningful friendship for life.