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Don’t get caught up in this trick. Treat yourself better!

It’s that time, that day. Do you know what’s about to happen? Will you get on the oh so sweet roller coaster ride?

I’ve thrown myself onto this ride, over and over. Pretty much have always regretted it.

I don’t want you to get stuck. You know it’s a pretty long ride, right? October 31- Jan 1.

You have goals don’t you? DO you really want to feel like crap? Do you really want to regret what you’re about to do?

You know once you start, it’s going to be pretty darn hard to stop.

The treat is, don’t start. I know, doesn’t really sound like a treat, saying NO to something you think you want.

Consider saying yes to what you truly desire.

It’s a trick to think that you’ll just eat one piece of halloween candy and STOP. Isn’t it??

We all have good intentions. I’m just going to have one, or two, or three. Guess what ends up happening? At least I know what happened to me.

One piece turned into one day of snacking on candy, which then turned into sometimes one month of snacking on candy. YIKES!!!!! #thehorror

Hey, they give out really good candy out here. You know that candy is pretty much everywhere you go now until Jan 1, really Feb 14th, oh wait, then Easter. OH MY!!! Don’t get on the ride.

Don’t let the trick of “ just one” get you. Treat yourself better than that.

Halloween can be thought of as the gateway to holiday weight gain. Agree?

Those taste buds are getting ready to party. The brain, behavior, body, emotions, memories, holiday stress.

YOU MUST BE READY! Are you prepared? Do you have a plan?

You have to have a plan, an intention, and a sharp awareness of what’s happening in, and around you. What do you want for yourself? What do you want for your body, your energy, your self-esteem, for your jeans, and on.

Do you want things to be different this year? Will you be gaining weight, or losing it over the holiday season? Will you be feeling better about yourself, or worse? Will you be struggling with irritability because you’re trying to kick the sugar habit, once again?

Will you have to start all over this New Year? Why not come into the New Year happier, healthier, looking and feeling better.

It has to start NOW! Pay attention, be aware, make a plan, decide, and commit to what you know you really want.

Okay, how to get on top of this?

  1. Be aware of your thoughts and behavior. You know you’re really buying those Reese’s Peanut butter cups because you LOVE them. You know that once you get started, you can’t stop. #dontdoit #keepitreal #thatwasme
  2. Get rid of the candy — set limits — How long will it stay in the house? How long are the kids allowed to eat it? I was a big time candy thief with my kids candy. Really a chocolate thief. Get it out of the house. We would let them keep it until it was all gone, that would sometimes be up to a month. Now, we aim for 3 days. Get it out!!! Everybody wins.
  3. Shake that ass- Practice your holiday dancing NOW. — I mean, imagine how you want to feel this holiday season, coming into the New Year dancing, feeling good, feeling confident, enjoying yourself, with fun vibes. When you’re being pulled towards that candy, put on your favorite booty shaking song and #shakethatass. Use this as a distraction, as inspiration, as motivation to stay on track.

Treat yourself by having a plan.

Okay, so you’re going to get it out of the house by a certain time. Great!

Also, think about what yummy treat you will have? I don’t want you to be without something yummy for the holidays. That’s not the point.

Remember, plan for it, be intentional, and be aware of what you are about to get yourself into.

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Answer this. — What do I truly desire for my health/wellness/weight/mood?

Okay, I hope this helps. So, will you be going with the Trick or with the Treat?

I wish you a safe & happy Halloween!


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