Doing something I never thought I would
AJ Vaynerchuk

Hi AJ!

Hope all is well! I’m watching a documentary about nutrition and chronic diseases. This link should be it, I bought the DVD at a seminar.

I was watching one of Gary’s videos and he mentioned a little about your health challenges. As I’m watching this video you came to mind.

I have lupus and celiac disease, autoimmune crap. I was almost about to file for disability. I made some changes in my life/food/lifestyle and I’ve had a total transformation. Been able to come off all meds, inflammation is normal, no longer struggles with pain, have more energy and on. If you want to learn a little more, visit

Anyway, I’m actually showing this video right now as part of my son’s homeschooling for health. In the video he makes reference to some research that’s helpful for Crohn’s.

I’m just sharing info. I know you have a lot of resources, just felt called to reach out.

I wish you the very best,

Lydia Romero Johnson, RN, CHC