Welcome to the Feminist Pursuit of Happiness

Welcome to my new blog series The Feminist Pursuit of Happiness. I’m Lydia Slattery, a Marquette student with a major in journalism and a minor in social welfare and justice. Here I will experiment with writing my feminist perspective on current events and culture, since we live in a world where men’s rights activists exist.

Here I will discuss feminist perspectives, provide information on feminism 101, share what books I’m reading and what feminist leaders everyone should follow. Anyone can be a feminist, and I’m here to help guide anyone looking to learn more about feminism and their social impact.

There are no shortage of issues I can address in today’s climate. Through the lens of feminism. I could write forever about fighting for justice.

It’s important to remember that this is intersectional feminism. Gender does not happen in a vacuum. There are varying degrees of privilege versus oppression. Feminism can be and should be applied to issues affecting LGBTQ+, people of color and people with disabilities to give a few examples.

Here are some feminist news sources to become more involved with the feminist movement:

Teen Vogue




Huffington Post