5 creative essentials if your bad at presenting

In my work I deal with lots of clients and agencies so I see A LOT of presentations. Now I’m no design wizard, in fact, I’m far from, BUT I know that a PowerPoint deck full of WordArt is simply not acceptable in 2017.

In my bid to avoid ugly presentations, I have searched high and low for sneaky tools to help me out. If you’re an everyday creative or just someone who presents a lot but doesn’t have a design bone in your body, take a look at these 5 creative tools.

1/ Awesome Imagery: Unsplash

Finding the right imagery for your presentation, website or blog post can be a total nightmare. Whilst there is a wealth of visual content out there, you have to make sure you use something which is ‘royalty free’. There are a few great sites to source from but my fave is Unspalsh. Unsplash tends to have a modern, natural style of photography so you can avoid cheesy stock pics. The range isn’t massive however so you may need to be a bit ‘meta’ with your imagery Another good one is Pexels.

2/ Editing your own: Adobe Lightroom

I have tried shit loads of editing apps. From VCSO to Whitegram, if it’s under £4.99, I’ve probably tried it. Whilst all editing apps have their own little benefits, Adobe Lightroom for mobile is by far my fave. Why? Well mainly because you can isolate and change specific colours, which is awesome. When you download this app you will see a lot of features are greyed out, if you have Lightroom on your laptop you can sign in to get the full range of benefits.

3/ Making boring stuff look nice: NounProject

Ok diagrams aren’t allllllways boring but they certainly can be. So can lists, or workflow processes and all that informative stuff. The Noun Project is a good tool for when you can’t find the right image or you want some consistency in your presentation. Simply find an icon you like, click ‘for creative comms’ and download it. Simple. They have a massive range of icons, literally everything, check it out

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