5 ways to consume less stuff

As Kylie Jenner said, “2016 was like, the year of realising things”. Yes Kylie, you’re right. I realised, I’m poor and my room is full of stuff. So I’ve started trying to buy less stuff, to A) help my bank balance and B) to be more environmentally friendly. If you think “actually I have no money and 17 different pairs of flip flops” these tips may be for you.

#1 Make a wish list

There is a category in retail called fast fashion. It is fast in many ways; fast to come into style, fast to mass produce somewhere in India in terrible conditions, fast to go out of style and fast to fall apart- because it’s cheap. If you want to consume less, choose wisely. Try a technique of a wish list, if you see something you like, write it in your phone, if you still want it in 2/3 weeks buy it. This will help you view purchases as a choice, don’t have it all, have what you really want. Then you wont feel so guilty for that expensive jacket because you didn’t buy 10 tops which you really didn’t need. Creating a time space between want and purchase can help you fight the impulsive ‘I need it’ feeling.

#2 Unsubscribe

If you check your email 1 million times a day, it’s likely that you get at least 10 emails with subject lines similar to these; ‘Want 15% off? you’ve got it’, ‘Juicy Couture x Urban Outfitters now landed’ or if you signed up for Public Desire emails where they use BAE in every other line ‘Hey Bae, new looks just in’. Remove temptation and unsubscribe to the barrage of updates. If you hadn’t considered buying a nautical wedge from TopShop at 8.32am before, you probably don’t need to just because they emailed you.

#3 Use up your goo hoard

Goo hoard I hear you say? Goo hoarding; definition; the accumulation of various products in half used forms collected over numerous years, hiding in a drawer without detection. I made that up, but you know that drawer/ shelf / box with all those half used make up tubes or creams? Use that shit up. Mix it in with the good stuff if you like just don’t buy any more until it’s gone.

#4 Dye everything black (or a colour of your choice)

Sometimes you buy something thinking you will wear it loads, but you never do and it hangs on your rail sad and limp from rejection. You can’t throw it away because you paid money for it, so instead up-cycle it. Get some dye form a fabric shop for £4.99 and dye it to a colour you will wear, you could even tie-dye it if you’re jazzy. Now you have a new top/ trousers/ dress. You’re welcome.

#5 Invest in experiences

Yes this does mean spending money but it’s about spending on the real stuff, plus it can’t be added to a giant landfill one day. Instead of buying material things, invest in experiences. Comedy shows, films, cooking masterclasses, invite your friends and make memories instead. In 10 years you won’t remember a bag you bought in Zara, but you right remember that gig you went to.