What They Don’t Teach You in High school

The other night I sat on my couch looking at the load of work that sat in front of me awaiting for me to attend to it while even contemplating to ‘trans-night’ on it and I realized just how vitally important certain things I so often took for granted in High school were.

If you were like me, you were probably already so bored with the whole high school experience long before it began. Especially if you were in some Nyeri public school like I was. Apart, of course from the drama festivals, music and sports that kept us well entertained through the term, with the chance to leave the school compound and allowing you to meet some lame boys who would flatter your ego a little.

I whined about everything I thought was wrong with a school institution; the long hours in class, tough chores, bad teachers, the long three months before I could see home again, tough and unnecessary rules. I could go on and on. To be quite honest and sad as it is to admit I left high school having caused quite the amount of trouble and not really understanding why I was there in the first place. I only thought of it as a pass-through that granted me a pass to University and hence the rest of my life from there.

My best moments in high-school were when I did not have to do anything that aligned with the school regulations and schedule. What I didn’t realize about this whole high-school experience is that it was building capacity within me and tenacity that I would in years come so badly need.

What they didn’t tell me is that I would eventually need this tough experience somewhere down the line in my life.

Now as I sat there staring at two open laptops one with so major document work to be completed and the other with my two blogs opened waiting to be types on, I so much yearned for that feeling of discipline that you had no option to follow lest you’d be out of school (and dad wouldn’t be so pleased with that).

They taught me through tough duties (scrubbing walls and pavements), respect for teachers and prefects, but they did not teach me that I’d need this kind of discipline to shape a well framed life around hard-work and respect for authority. They taught me through early morning preps some that would extend till late in the night (when normal kids would be sleeping) but they did not teach me that this is the kind of commitment, I would need, to be willing to put in the few extra hours, early mornings and some times even late nights, if I wanted to be anything meaningful in life.

They taught me through respecting and obeying the bell whenever it rang; in between the breaks and resumes to class, sometimes even mandatory to run whenever the bell rang but they did not teach me that this is the same kind of obedience and respect for time that I would so badly need to learn how to manage and utilize time wisely, without wasting a single min if I wanted anything meaningful done.

They taught me that it was important to follow and adhere to rules and regulations lest be rewarded with a heavy punishment but I did not understand is that this is the same kind of adherence I would need in my own life, to some certain code of life if I was going to be anything close to diligent.

They don’t teach you these things in Campus. In campus you are free to do and be anything you want. There are no teachers to follow you around with a cane or punishment. Its only after high school in campus that you bump into your former ‘holy-joe’ class prefect carrying a baby, inviting you to a crazy ‘turn up’ and on the side a boyfriend dressed like pimp named slickback! Just saying.

In campus you have the freedom you so longed for in High-school.

They don’t teach you these things in the outside world when you are now a career person living on their own with no one to keep barking at you the rules.

So while you still have the opportunity take advantage of this experience, and for us who are past that stage, a reminder of that tough ‘must-do’ High-school life should be a great reminder of what hard work, discipline and commitment looks and feels like.

This is my wake up call, whats yours?

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Originally published at cikukibandi.wordpress.com on January 14, 2016.