What time is it? Summer time! Sorry, I couldn’t resist putting a High School Musical quote in somewhere.

With this summer comes plenty of changes!

For one, the weather- it’s scorching hot in Prosser, as opposed to the mellow temperatures in Seattle.

Lack of school work! But alas, it has been replaced with work to pay for school. Also, it’s nearly impossible to find a job in Prosser when you go to a college on the quarter system, because we get done almost a month later than semester colleges.

Lack of freedom- This one might be the hardest. It’s very difficult coming from doing whatever I want, to doing whatever my mom wants.

Lack of activities-Seriously, there is nothing to do in Prosser.

Relationships- For me, living in the dorms is like having sleepover that lasts nine months. It was great knowing my friends were just down the hallway. Also, I’m in a long distance relationship now! (If you’re reading this, Michael, “hello!”). Since we lived in the same dorm, we saw each other quite often. Now we’re 240 miles apart, which is not too bad, but still something we have to adjust to.

I also want to change my major! I decided that there is no way I could do anything with computers for the rest of my life. I’m currently leaning towards Political Science, to no surprise from all of my friends.

Honestly, these changes are not super dramatic, but I have definitely felt the weight of them these last few weeks since moving out of the dorms. I’ve never been one to embrace change that much, but I’ve learned that you just have to in order to continue on with your life. Going back to school will also be a change; one that I am both scared and ready for. But for now, I am trying to embrace the beautiful present.