Open Letter To the San Franciscan Electorate:

Yesterday evening the Examiner published a story titled, “SF mayoral candidate Alioto targets sanctuary city law in proposed ballot measure” in which Angela Alioto is quoted as saying “The existing Sanctuary City Ordinance is a magnet for felons across America to come to the safe shores of our City,” and goes on to say “It makes San Francisco a more violent and unsafe city.” we the community strongly rebuke these comments.

The Latin@ Young Democrats of San Francisco, along with the San Francisco Latino Democratic Club, and the Mission Peace Collaborative would like to take this moment to publicly denounce this decision by Ms. Alioto. The leadership of the city of San Francisco has expressed to the immigrant community its solidarity in the establishment of these protective sanctuary policies. We, the residents of this city comprising of immigrants also stand with the most vulnerable of our residents who are forced to live in the shadows.

Sanctuary cities are areas of protective status for undocumented communities that help quell the fear of at whim deportations from federal officials. The Sanctuary City policy also allows for the undocumented community to interact with local authorities without fear of deportation, and these such policies make a stronger and safer San Francisco for all.

LYDSF along with (sister orgs and allies), call for the real dialogue fostering solutions and improvement regarding the topic of immigration, not far right policy proposals that sadly mimic rhetoric coming out of Washington D.C. For many of us this is a deeply personal issue and we ask that all candidates for mayor denounce this idea proposed by Mrs. Alioto and stand for all the residents of the city regardless of race, color, creed, orientation, or immigration status.

In solidarity with the community,

Latin@ Young Democrats of San Francisco, the Latino Democratic Club of San Francisco, and the Mission Peace Collaborative