Excerpt from the incomplete writings of the University of Flight, taken from the libraries of Above, Kholarat

Note to the reader; the following transcript has been translated from the language of Kholarat (Khlaran), and as such some of the words may not have been translated accurately. I apologize for any errors that you may see. What I was able to recover from the University of Flight was very little, but quite crucial to piecing together the history of Kholarat. The Kholaran Civil War is marked by many historians to be the beginning of the end for the nation of Kholarat, a nation that once was considered to be the wealthiest entity in the entire world.

(Prior to this “r”, the document was torn and I was unable to find the torn piece) r East: A brief summary of the destruction of Clarnat and it’s affect on the Kholaran Civil War

The complete destruction of Clarnat began what is now known as the Kholaran Civil War. As many history books have recorded, Clarnat was a small village on what was then known as the West Side. Clarnat was located near the coast of western Kholarat. The day that the village of Clarnat was destroyed, many of the technicians throughout Kholarat recorded an noticeable spike in the amount of shipwrecks that occurred.

The destruction of Clarnat occurred late into the evening of the 55th day of the seventh season of the reign of Emperor Yholanor. A warship, the infamous EYS Gholarontheal, that had departed from the capital city of Above on the 53rd day of the seventh season of the reign of Emperor Yholanor was passing over Clarnat when the ship began to sink. According to several survivors of the incident, the crew of the EYS Gholarontheal scrambled about the hull and sails, attempting to right the various balance-weights and keep the ship from overturning as it made it’s way towards the ground. Alas, it was all for naught. The mighty EYS Gholarontheal slowly overturned, coming completely out of the Western River (as the trade stream to the west was then called). The ship not only overturned, but fell towards the ground at a pace so fast that none in the innermost homes of the city were able to escape. The few survivors from within the city were rushed to the closest physicians where, once fully recovered, were forced to give a full recount of the events to the Emperor himself.

Many would have labeled the incident as a freak accident, but the work of the Western Trade and Flight Company was evident in the aftermath of the crash. The Western Trade and Flight Company managed to sever the ties that still bound East and West Kholarat, effectively pushing their own agenda and creating an economical and social rift that would last for hundreds of years.

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