How to begin living free

And how we’re all slaves

We all do it. We sell bits and pieces and chunks of our lives for money. We sell an hour in exchange for a meal, forty plus hours a week in exchange for a place to live. Companies and businesses line our roads and occupy our towns, all selling and buying time.

Some pay more for others time, some pay less. If you have skills or learn skills that are considered valuable to a certain company or to certain people, you’re able to make more money for your time.

It is the way of any society that utilizes a currency.

There is no way out of it. Sure you can study and learn and make yourself a valuable person, but you are merely playing into the slavery that money brings. You’re a slave to the landlord, the government, the electric company, the phone company. Forced to sell your life in exchange for the ability to live.

Because we are selling five, six, and seven days out of our week, we are forced to look for a way to make up for the time that we are losing. And so we look towards the weekend.

We all hate Mondays! But we make it through them. By Wednesday, we’re halfway done with the week… Then comes Thursday, and finally Friday. We go out with friends and have fun and try to forget that we are slaves, bonded to the master that demands we return to our jobs and our obligations.

We believe we have no choice but to feed an endlessly hungry monster.

As money becomes more and more of a god, so do material objects and escapism. People become caught up in buying a nice television, a nice car, having a house and a phone. Nice clothes and designer shoes. Boats, quads, RVs. We all crave some way of running from the reality that we dread.

The movie industry rises, television and music become our idols. Anything that allows us to leave our lives and take up someone else’s becomes what we worship.

It’s time to live differently

It has become evident that the current trend of society is not one that encourages happiness, but rather a steady spiral towards depression, anxiety, self-centeredness, and a general disdain for life. Have you ever found anyone that is happy because they have what society says they need?

Learn to live without things. Learn to be happy without a nice car. Living big and pretending that you’re free is nothing but a trap in which billions of people are ensnared.

The only necessities in life are food, clothing, and shelter. We’re soft and we act as though we need more than that. For hundreds of years mankind has lived without brand new Mercedes, and they still found ways to be happy.

Learn to be happy with nothing, and you will be happy when you’ve got everything.

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