Making the switch from fiction to non-fiction

Please note, today I will not be blogging, but rather letting you all know that I am changing/have changed my main writing style and genre. I will still continue to work on several novellas and short stories, however they will not be posted as I did traditionally. With that, I will give you the three reasons why my writing focus at the moment has shifted.

#1: The change in influences on my writing

Several months ago I began keeping a daily journal in order to keep track of the events of my life. I was in China when I began to write in it. I would sit and, at times, write for three or four hours. I should have been studying, or preparing a lesson for the English class that I taught. Instead, I would write about what I was experiencing in my day to day life. As such, I was being inundated day in and day out by real life experiences and thoughts, whereas in years past my influences have mainly been from fantasy and science fiction novels. Taking the step from imaginary worlds to the “real world” is a huge move for me right now. I still love writing fiction, and I will continue to do so, but it will be in a different way than it was before.

#2: I realized that I can enjoy more than one thing

In the past, I have always written fantasy stories and sci-fi thrillers. I’ve never looked into the realm of non-fiction because, well, it wasn’t my thing. Or at least, that’s what I told myself. But over the past few months, I have discovered that I thoroughly enjoy writing about real life. I have started to see the things that happen around me as not just my surroundings, but rather an opportunity. An opportunity to meet people and talk, to learn from others and from my environment. When I made this discovery that I could learn from everything around me, I found that I wanted to share the things I was learning with others. I truly enjoy writing about my experiences, and pulling life lessons from each and every part of my day. In fact, I enjoy doing this nearly as much as I enjoy creating fantasy worlds. From that point on, my writing began to take a more personal tone, a tone that I feel I should focus on.

#3: Honing my skills

I want to work on honing my skills in areas outside of fiction writing. This ensures that I will focus on learning more from my environment and those around me. When you write fantasy, you can hide in your shell and stay there. When you write about real life, you have to get out of yourself and pursue your story. It’s a difficult path at first, at least for me. I’ve never pursued the writing of non-fiction because it is more difficult than fiction. Writing high quality articles every day is something that I am pushing towards and planning for. With time I believe I will become a much better writer because of it.

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