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My dear KJV-Only friends, please let me say something

Your inspired word of God that you adhere to as the sole pedestal of truth, will do nothing for native speakers of Mandarin. Or those born in India. Or the people that live out their lives in Russia.

There are Christians saved and living for Christ that have never read or spoken a word of English. They have become Christians because of their belief in Jesus and their desire to follow him. They have become Christians because God called them and chose them. God continues to use them and teach them by the means which is available to them.

They have never once read a sentence from the King James Version. They have never learned John 3:16 how we were taught it in our fundamental baptist Sunday School. And yet they are Christians whom love Christ.

The staunch belief that any other version of the gospel is perverted and evil is not how Christ works. As long as the truth of His death, burial, and resurrection stays pure, He remains a part of it. He will use any and every resource to draw his people closer to him. He will even use a different translation of the Bible. Heaven forbid, He may even save His children with an NIV.

Please open your mind, and see that Christ is much bigger than our petty arguments and our religion. He is above the denominations and cults that fill our world. He works in greater ways than arguing about what translation of the Bible you aught to read from, or what denomination you should be a part of. He rises above the way we dress, talk, and act.

He is God, and He desires that we love Him and live our lives for Him. No more, no less.

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