Boredom to Flavorful Life

My life was burdensome and tiring because I accepted what others required of me. I had forgotten how I needed more from my life. I had forgotten how to be in touch with myself, and hence felt so isolated from everyone. In this article, I talk about how I changed from being a follower into being a driver of my life.

I had chosen to do things my parents wanted for me. I lived to please them because I didn’t want to see them get hurt. I accepted that I had to do things my teachers at school wanted me to. I was weak in front of a chaotic family.

Consistently, I felt beaten down. The story I told myself was that I was weak, incapable of choosing for myself. I told myself I could not be creative for a living.

And boy did I get slapped in the face hard — what a wake up call!

I waited till my body got so sick and tired, that I had to listen. My muscles were in pain. I didn’t know how to add healthy habits to my lifestyle.

I waited for the crappy relationships to wear out because I didn’t want to take charge and end relationships.

What truly helped me to wake up and understand others better was to learn how to unlearn my story, and clear energy stuck in me and my body. Is it difficult? Yes, but only initially. Was it worth it to find more freedom in my life? Of course!

I spent time investigating human psychology.

I spent time understanding the patterns of why we keep doing the same thing if the result of it drives us crazy. I started to pay attention to what I could do to take care of myself and stopped paying attention to what I had to do to fit in.

I released the numbness, then the pain, then the anger and the trauma from myself and my body. Every time I went for a mindset practice or an energy clearing session I felt a little better. Every time it got easier. The hardest thing was to commit to taking care of me instead of what I was obligated and expected to do. The duty and responsibility to do the right thing and to not stray from the path were heavy. It felt like doing something different made me stand out as a problem. But at the end of the day, I was able to see that the friends who admired my change loved me. The ones who put me down were the ones who still had their own issues to work on.

When you get a small wake up call, use it to the best of your abilities to show up for you and your family.

Don’t wake up when your parents have already passed away.

Don’t wake up after a car crash.

Don’t become more mindful after your relationships deteriorate.

Don’t wait until cancer strikes.

Take charge of your life and be the boss of your health and your time.

If you think we are here on this earth just to work, or if you believe that we are here to struggle in horrible relationships, then you are hopeless. We are here for joy. Many only look for “happiness” in what they’re told are the right places. All the places where “we are supposed to”. But that happiness is temporary. The feel-good of that is fleeting. The journey and ability to learn how to expand the life experience continuously is the enjoyment. Using energy clearing allows us to move past struggles and stories and become the story writer of our lives.

Here is a list of the mental blocks one could remove:

  1. Your judgments of yourself and memory of failures
  2. Emotions: Grief, Anger, Anxiety
  3. Fixed conclusions of how things have to happen
  4. How other people have judged you


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