I was fearless as a child. I was the daredevil. I was often bold in gaining new experiences in life. At a young age, I was the first one who spoke her mind. But somehow along the way, I lost confidence and I lost the will to try.

Given the pressure to deliver in academics and conforming to social customs, it was hard to hear my voice. I felt numb in my skin and I felt too weak to make new choices. I was waiting for someone to save me.

It was at the age of 18 when my life started to shift. My family was going through rough times and my parents weren’t getting along. The world felt like it was crumbling in front of my eyes.

As I saw my family life fall apart, I started to doubt the life choices that my family had made for me. I realized that there were family members who “supported” me by only helping me attain specific goals in life. I received so much praise from them when I strived for a career in tech, but I consistently received strange looks from them when I chose a different direction from what was expected. In the end, I lost their trust simply for not following their will.

Regardless of the feedback I received from those who rejected or supported me, I learned to stand by me.

Through people who didn’t have the faith to stand by me, I learned to believe in myself.

When I reflected on why I became upset about their lack of support for me, I realized: How can anyone support my dream if I don’t have the courage to stand by it? No one can take the support away from me because everything starts from the mind; when I support my own desires, support from others will follow. That was how I grew in my strength and learned to strive for what I want.

Through people who supported me, I learned to believe in myself. Learning to perform energy clearing and start a mindset shift for myself freed me from living under a ball of stress and burden. With a new sense of freedom, I found the clarity to sort through stress created from relationships and career expectations.

These are the two most important steps in knowing how to work with fear and keep moving forward:

  1. Learn Energy clearing: study a way to remove your stories of wins and losses in life. When you start to step down from who you should be, you become the more authentic version of yourself. You also become much more aware of your emotions and sources of comfort.
  2. Have the courage and persistence to shed sweat and tears. When you are dedicated to achieving a goal, you have to be entirely devoted to it, one thousand percent. Whether or not you get scratched on the way, you have to keep going until you attain the goal. War scars are your badge of honor anyways. Obstacles are there only to show you that there’s a better way to do things.

Those who dare to be true to who they are and their beliefs will lead the way. When you are ready to be wrong, you are ready to lead.

Do you want to lead or to follow?