LYFE Trading Competition

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Become Lyfe’s Top Trader and Get a Chance to Win Amazing Prizes!

As a celebration of our listing in Tokenomy Exchange, we have prepared a Trading Contest for You, where You can win a total prize of 50 grams of Gold, Trip to Maldives for 2, Jewellery Set, Apple Macbook Air, Samsung S9, Lyfe Watch, and Merchandises!

  • Trade in Tokenomy Exchange to be the Top Trader with the highest Lyfe Tokens by Trading!

Trading Contest Period

  • Trading Contest will commence for 1 Month starting from 24 January 2019, 3:00 PM(GMT+8) until 24 February 2019, 3:00 PM (GMT+8).

Details on the Trading Contest

Gain by Trading

The winner of this trading contest will be decided based on the total amount of Lyfe Tokens Earned by Trading (Gain) in the Tokenomy Exchange Account. Initial Balance and Deposit is not counted in.

For Example: If your initial balance is 1000 Lyfe Tokens, and by the end of the event you have 2000 Lyfe Tokens, then you have gained 1000 Lyfe Tokens.


  • 1st Place : 50g of Gold
  • 2nd Place : Trip to Maldives for 2 people
  • 3rd Place : Jewellery Set
  • 4th Place: Apple Macbook Air 13"
  • 5th Place: Samsung S9 Smartphone
  • 6th to 10th Place: Lyfe Watch and Lyfe Hoodie
  • 11th to 20th Place: T-Shirt and Tumbler
  • Participation Gift : As a thank you gift to the users who joined during the contest, 20 traders will be randomly receive Lyfe merchandises (Lyfe T-shirt, Lyfe Tumblr, Lyfe Towel, Lyfe Goodie Bag).

Trading Contest Live Scoreboard

Receive updates on the Trading Contest results! The Live Scoreboard will be updated every minute in the Tokenomy Exchange.

  • *If more than 1 trader fulfills the conditions to be on the same rank, they will be selected randomly using a computer system. The trader that is not selected will be pushed one rank below in the scoreboard.
  • Every winner will be based on ranks in the Live Scoreboard.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Your Tokenomy Account must be Verified.
  2. The winner will be announced 48 hours after the competition has ended.
  3. Lyfe reserves the right to disqualify trades which are deemed unfair or display attributes of market manipulation.
  4. Taxes are to be paid by the winners
  5. Delivery fee outside of Indonesia and Singapore will be paid by the winners.
  6. All rewards can not be traded with money, cryptocurrency, or others.
  7. Physical Gifts will be sent maximum 2 weeks after the winners are announced.
  8. Prototype Lyfe Watch reward will be sent after Prototype Lyfe Watch is released to the public.
  9. Prize: Trip to Maldives for Two
  • Trip to Maldives consists of return plane tickets for two people from Jakarta to Maldives. Lyfe management team reserve the rights to choose the airlines and flight class.
  • Flight tickets only valid until December 2019.
  • Flight tickets are not valid during holiday and peak season
  • Flight tickets winner must inform the flight date to Lyfe Management Team by 31 March 2019.
  • If flight tickets have been booked, it can not be rescheduled.
  • Flight tickets are only valid for the winner and can not be transferred to other people.
  • Flight tickets do not include Visa.

9. Winners will be forfeited if they do not meet the terms and conditions.

10. Lyfe management team can change the terms and conditions without prior announcement.

11. Decisions from the management is Final and Absolute

Become the Top Trader in Tokenomy Exchange and get the chance to win 50 grams Gold, Trip to Maldives for two, Jewellery Set, Apple Macbook Air 13", Samsung S9 Smartphone, Lyfe Watch, & Merchandises! Start Trading in Tokenomy Exchange!

Onwards and Upwards,

Lyfe Team/Management

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