Lyft Promo 2017 Codes…

We’re so excited to be able to share this extensive list of Lyft Promo Codes for 2017 and beyond! It’s been a fantastic time getting to chat with and help out everyone visiting our site. We’ve always said Lyft is a great way to get around whether you’re in your own home town and especially while traveling. These promo codes and coupons for Lyft will continue to be provided by us for 2017 and onwards! Celebrate and go for a free ride!

RIDEPROMO2017 — General Lyft Promo Code for any city.
MAXCREDIT — Unlock max promo code for your area.
UNLOCKPHILI — Philidelphia Lyft Promo Code.
UNLOCKDENVER — Lyft Promo Code for Denver.
UNLOCKJERSEY — New Jersey Lyft Coupon.
UNLOCKUTAH — Lyft Promo Utah Code.
MYOHIO — For Ohio riders.
ORLEANS50 — New Orleans Lyft Credit.
UNLOCKDC — Washington DC Lyft Code.
UNLOCKORLANDO — Orlando Florida Code for Lyft.
UNLOCKSEATTLE — Seattle Washington Credit on Lyft.
UNLOCKDALLAS — Lyft Promo in Dallas TX.
UNLOCKPHOENIX — Phoenix Arizona code to use.
UNLOCKMY50 — General Promo Code.
SUMMERCREDIT — Credit for your Lyft account.
CALICREDIT — California Lyft Code anywhere from LA to SF.
SUMMERSWING — Given out at Summer Swing for Lyft Rides.
EDMLIFE — EDM Ravers Lyft Code.
INSTANYC — New York City/NYC code.
FANCREDIT — Sports fans Lyft credit.
STADIUMRIDE — For rides to event stadiums.
USOPENSWING — Given away at the US Open Swing.
TAMPABAYCLASSIC — For attendees of the Tampa Bay Classic.
INSTAFLORIDA — Lyft Promo Code for Florida.
SECRETCREDIT — Unlock a Lyft credit.
INSTAUNLOCK — Instant coupon unlocked.
UNLOCKMYRIDE — General Promo Code for Lyft app.
MYSACRAMENTO — Sacramento Lyft Promo Code.
UNLOCKSACRAMENTO — Another one for those in Sacramento.
MYJACKSONVILLE — Jacksonville FL rides on Lyft code.
UNLOCKNASHVILLE — Nashville Lyft Promo Code.
UNLOCKDETROIT — A code for rides in Detroit.
UNLOCKLA — Los Angeles LA for Lyft Promotional Code.
UNLOCKHAWAII — For use in Hawaii specifically Honolulu.
UNLOCKCHICAGO — Lyft Code for Chicago IL.
UNLOCKRENO — Use this coupon in Reno Nevada.

We hope you found the 2017 Lyft Promo Code you needed for your area! If you did not find your city just use the general code “UnlockRide”.