As I prepare to share with all of you a very personal letter that was written to me. I am reminded of the Apostle Paul. The man you love to hate. And like you often times do, you learn to love hating. It becomes so much apart of you, that you can no longer imagine your day without it. Paul was the man who said “love your neighbors, but also love your enemies”.

And Paul knew what he was talking about…it seems like everyone hated Paul. People still hate Paul. Paul is the guy who urged everyone to not just love Jesus, but to be like him. Every time I read something from Paul, I feel like I’m being personally called out… “like come on! I’m doing my best here!”.

But, I wasn’t doing my best. Love your enemy now that’s just silly. You’d expect that from someone who has never hated, or been hated. But after gathering up all the Jews who believed in Jesus…he had hated. And after coming to Jesus…he was hated. So he should totally understand why loving your enemies should be impossible.

But like Paul anyone who comes to Jesus either literally falls to the ground — or metaphorically falls to the ground. You then have that amazing Ah-Ha moment where all the sudden all things are possible through Jesus Christ.

This letter I am sharing with you was written to me today from my step-daughter’s mother. Last night we all sat together in an ice cream shop after our kids performed in their school talent show. We laughed, we talked life…and there we all were — a family. A crazy mix of a blended family, but a family non the less. Together we have journeyed the past 3 years with so many tears. And as I started my journey towards Christ, He started us all on a new path towards love and forgiveness. I sat that night and prayed with my son when we got home…and I praised God for that day. It was an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for all he has done in our lives. So when I got this letter today from Tiffany, I knew that it was a complete restoration on all sides. The love I find for her as the Mother of my step children, as the ex-wife of my husband pairs only with my love for her as my friend.

I asked permission to share this letter after I received it today. I wanted to share it because the effects of my hate still linger in my life. It’s still on the minds of people I’ve talked words becoming their own hate. I wanted to share this because I know that someone out there is harboring anger like I once was. I want everyone to know that it is possible for relationships to heal — not just heal — but you too can have the Lord’s light shine down on you, convict your spirit and change you from the inside out — loving your enemy…and having your enemy love you.

Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords — seek him and you will find him.