A Day in the Life at Boston University

Walking down the streets of Boston, there are cars rushing by and people on bicycles swerving in between them. In the middle of the busy street there is a train track that cuts the road in half. Every so often a train screeches by and a swarm of people step off onto the sidewalk. It is hot and sunny, and the smell of sweat and fossil fuels fill the air. The street is cluttered with tall buildings, each with a different subject engraved onto its side in bold black letters. On the side of the street there is a small patch of freshly cut grass sectioned off by a red brick path. This small area is filled with greenery and flowers with vibrant colors. Along the path lie several small benches filled with people of all different ages. Students walk past, each with a different colored backpack. Some are reading while others are on talking on the phone. There is a sound of laughter and chatter among them. The gentle breeze knocks leaves of off the trees and onto the sidewalk. The leaves crinkle as people step on them. There are birds chirping as they fly from one tree to the next.

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