Are Aliens Real…?

Okay… Don’t get me wrong, I am not someone who would encourage another person wearing a tin-foil hat as some weird form of protection. However, the idea of intelligent lifeforms visiting Earth and messing with peoples minds like your ex-lover is not too far of a stretch if you really dive deep into it.

Now, while I’m not trying to repeat what others have said thousands of times, I’m gonna do it anyways. Supposed evidence of the so-called big brained aliens has been found dating back to ancient Egyptians. This is something most people know from the discovery channel, ya know, unless you’ve been living in a cave. Which with the effects of covid, I don’t blame you for doing that. No shame, my friend, no shame.

Maybe you have seen evidence come from images such as this…

photo 1

Or also the very revealing and probably most accurate photo…

photo 2(dont steal my meme bro)

That resolution tho…

You may have seen this image in an off-brand “Ancient Aliens” documentary or maybe some odd photo online, but either way, its quite an interesting photo that stirs up several questions, not only in my mind, but historians, scientists, etc. It is definitely a conversation starter, or perhaps an ice breaker for that awkward first date…

Your welcome.

But one thing people might not ask is, what exactly is this mysterious object in (photo 1) doing. I mean, clearly its flying, but what gave the artist incentive to draw something like this?

Was it pure boredom, extreme imagination? Experience? Its something that people might not realize… But this artist clearly was inspired by something, and it sure wasn’t the discovery channel.

But moving on from this image, this further provokes the question, has real evidence of dankE.T-like beings been discovered? Well, recently, there has been newfound confirmed totally real evidence of aliens that was provided by the pentagon. Given we had already seen this evidence, the pentagon just finally decided to nut up and give us what most of us knew was true…

So I guess to answer the ultimate question of this little snippet… Yes, aliens do exist. No Im kidding I dont have enough proof nor intelligence to give you a legitimate answer, but I can say maybe… So… there ya go.

(If it wasn’t obvious, this article is by no means serious, only for shits n giggles. So I hope you enjoyed!) :)

Controversial Comedy By Lyla Roberts



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