You Were a Misogynist Before Testosterone:
Rae Rosenberg

I heard this episode a few weeks ago, had similar questions/objections, and just came across your post. I want to thank you for writing this. I was in a lesbian relationship with a butch woman for many years, and I always felt that she held very misogynistic views and certainly treated me as a sexual object, more so than many men I’ve dated. We used to argue about it quite a bit, and it was clear that she thought that because she was a woman it was somehow different from “male” misogyny. It was unbelievably frustrating to me, because it’s not somehow “edgy,” (as Griffin said) and definitely not acceptable to objectify women simply because you happen to be one! I really appreciate that your post calls Griffin (and TAL) out on this — men don’t have a special monopoly on misogynistic behavior and beliefs, and blaming it on testosterone is definitely a cop-out. I think this is a huge problem in the LGBTQ community that deserves much more attention and discussion. Thank you for writing about it!

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