Lessons From Yulin:
Jason Barnaby

What is not understood by those that comment well, most Americans eat beef, pork, etc., is the degree on a routine basis that these animals are TORTURED prior to their death(s), to many who eat dogs and cats is it very important the animal suffer as much as possible BEFORE it dies, at least in most countries where other animals are routinely used for meat consumption there are basic protections, against for example torturing an animal for extended periods of time to get more “flavor” and/or to give the person consuming it “greater strength.” Make the starting point of the discussion about using animals for meat NO TORTURE, that the animal suffer as minimally as possible before and during slaughter and is cared for in a humane manner from birth until that time he or she is to be killed. Somethings are not acceptable and cannot be excused as “cultural” torturing living beings is one of those things.

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