Packaging Trends in 2019: Transparent Packaging Films for E-Commerce

Everything is growing faster and time is passing with the blink of an eye. With all of this, the E-commerce world is running fast. All this rapid change has an immense impact on the packaging of shipping products. There is no time for ancient packaging system in which corrugated boxes and fillers were involved. The new and unique packaging is being introduced in 2019 and that is transparent packaging films. Transparent packaging films are beautiful, safe, private, and easy to use for shipping your items. E-commerce world is definitely in need of this new packaging thing called transparent packaging films.

Well, these transparent packaging films are unique and easy. These are helpful in cutting down the cost. They keep the privacy of the items inside the packaging. In this machinery is used to wrap the shipping products and it eliminates the extra space and bulky packages. The less space and less time are consumed in transparent packaging. You can save your time and cost also you can maintain your items’ privacy and space. Overall transparent packaging films increase the efficiency and upgrade the customer experience.

Reducing the Packaging Cost and Keeping the Items’ Privacy

When we talk about the old packaging boxes which were corrugated boxes, we all know that they were best in maintaining the shipping products’ privacy. Only the security machines were able to see what is inside the box. No other person can see what is inside the box. That is why the people who shop online, can easily trust the shipping due to the privacy of the items. But the problem with corrugated shipping boxes is, to fill up the extra space a lot of filler and waste is required. Which is definitely not a good thing. By doing this your package becomes heavy, it requires then some extra cost and space.

Now on, corrugated boxes are replaced with transparent packaging films. Actually, these transparent films are not offering any extra protection or something extraordinary. But, these transparent packaging films are best in cutting down the extra cost, waste, fillers, space, and staff time.

Innovative Trends in Transparent Packaging Films

Transparent packaging films are a new and promising development in the E-commerce world. So, you would be unknown to some important safety factors of transparent packaging. But this is the safest way to ship the items. No need to worry about being an owner or a consumer. Transparent packaging films have Ex film plus shield which keeps your shipping item safe and secure. Your item’s physical condition could not get damage due to this inter tape polymer group innovative factor. So, your items are safe and protected. These shields can replace the fillers in the corrugated boxes and give high and unique protection to your products. You can easily ship out each and everything like documents, ornaments, pillows, shoes, etc.

Use of Machinery in Packaging

Innovative things require unique ways to cop up. As transparent packaging film is a unique and innovative way to pack the shipping items, then it also requires proper use of machinery to pack up the things safely and correctly. So, it is important that the packing machinery is properly set up and has all the unique and innovative components to pack up the items.

For this purpose, many E-commerce industries use photoelectric sensors to control the sealing and placing of the items in the filming. The photoelectric sensor has a beam of light which observes the proper placement and any change in the condition of the packed item. The beam can see the film and condition of the item.

Benefits of the Transparent Packaging Films

Benefits to the E-commerce industry are:

  • Cut down in the cost of freight and billing.
  • It minimizes the labor cost.
  • It requires less storage space.
  • It eliminates the cost of fillers.
  • It offers innovative and protective features.

Benefits for customers are:

  • It reduces the unpacking time.
  • Trustworthy and safe.
  • It provides easy access to the item.
  • Less expensive.