Ludwig Responds to Whole Health Source Article
Dr. David Ludwig

“Highly processed carbohydrates cause more insulin secretion, calorie for calorie, than any other food, and are consistently associated with the most weight gain in the best cohort studies”

Those foods are easier to overeat and people do in fact eat more total calories. And that’s why they get fat: be eating excessive calories. The insulin response is a red herring.

Cherrypicking monogenetic disorders (MC4 mutation is found in 4% of the morbidly obese and thus irrelevant to the majority of obesity) and irrelevant animal models to defend a disproven hypothesis is not science. But it sure sells books, don’t it?

And keeps the public confused when the ONLY even moderately long-term effect on bodyweight is caloric restriction and exercise. Lowcarbohdyrate diets, despite reducing insulin show NO long-term advantage over higher carbohydrate diets. Boom, done.

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