It seems to me that race is too important a part of this phenomenon to be bundled inside what I…
Michael Andersen

Absolutely. I intentionally avoided race here. I’ve covered it elsewhere, but yes, racial sorting can be a powerful factor. However, we have to distinguish between people moving because black people moved in and they don’t want to live near black people, versus people moving because uneducated/higher crime populations moved in and they don’t want to live near crime. Often people are motivated by BOTH. And often they just assume somebody is an uneducated criminal BECAUSE they’re black, which is awful. Yet there is also a real statistical truth that racial transition away from white dominance is frequently accompanied by higher crime, lower property values. Even non-racist people may move given that prospect. I try to avoid adding race into the mix too much because I haven’t read many studies that do a good job trying to separate the different types of outflows involved, so I don’t trust myself to do a good job on that issue.

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