Using LYM while hitting the gym? Sure!

In our vision, the LYM token will be an integral part of a whole ecosystem — the main participants being members of the Lympo community and a network of health, wellness, and sports companies, providing services and goods.

However, there is one place connecting all of these categories — the gym. The global gym membership rises by a few million new members every year. The total number of gym enthusiasts has increased by a whopping 42 million people, from 119 million in 2009 to 162 million in 2016.

And that’s not surprising! The gym is a great place to let off some steam and re-energize, so it attracts all kinds of different people, seeking to lead a healthier life. And very soon the gym will also become a place to spend your LYM tokens.

Is the gym membership price dragging you down? Pay it fully or partially with LYM which you’ve earned by running a marathon! Do you need some new sports equipment or maybe nutritional supplements? Get a discount by paying with LYM. There’s a variety of different potential applications for LYM in the gym environment, also including special offers and discounts for products or services exclusively for LYM holders.

Another potential example — a loyalty and motivation system in which the gym, by participating in the ecosystem, would be able to rewards its most active members with LYM tokens for their loyalty and enthusiasm.

The possibilities are literally endless. Oh, and we may have another big surprise coming for you in the near future. So be sure to follow our social media channels and stay updated!

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