Looking to higher things

Madaraka Musing

What happens when two friends, a camera, a lovely park site and a leso meet...

I had promised a photoshoot in January, it came and went. February, came and went too, March? Not yet. April?!!!....At this point I began to see my lying was getting way out of hand.

When you promise you have to deliver Lynch, I kept telling myself.

Believe me, when it comes to personal projects, we always have to fight that postponing every day. Tomorrow, I say. That day comes and you say maybe the next. And on and on it goes...

A creative's struggle :-(

So enough was enough and we decided tonduthis (Do this). My muse, Vilnah Wakio, was ready and we headed off to Nairobi Arboretum on Madaraka Day. The place was jam packed.Kumbe guys usually flock this place on national holidays like this!

Church groups were there for their practices session, families congregated for picnic, school going children had come for their wildlife trips and lovers had their special place too.

Gettting a spot was hard, all the good ones were already taken, however we always work with what we have and this is what we created...

Enjoy :-)