No problem. My name is Jessy and I am leading the marketing of LYNC.Network project. Let me give you some insight about our team. We are a small team of six consisting of our Project Manager and main developer who are based in the UK. We also have a part-time developer assisting with the ReactUI also based in the UK, a VFX and Graphic Designer from the UK for our NFT artwork, upcoming promotional material and website maintenance.


Thats a nice team setup.


Our Marketing and Social Media management is based in Bulgaria and the Community Management is based in Canada and Europe, so we have a mix of time zones. Our Project Manager comes from an IT background and has worked with many large hotel chains such as Hilton, Interstate, Ibis and Holiday Inn managing hotel builds, migrations and IT infrastructure implementation. The Community Management team have been moderating forum communities for well over a decade. Our VFX designed has worked on promotional television commercials for Wacom tablets along with a string of freelance 3DFX work for the Metahleadz record label. …

Hello LYNC Community!

We are happy to announce that our marketing is now in full swing, and with this one of our promotional partners has released a quick introduction to the LYNC Network along with a competition to get your hands on some LYNC tokens:

This is just the beginning and there is much more to come! Don’t forget to check our twitter competition:

This article is designed to give you a more in-depth understanding of the LYNC network.


  • Transfer fee

All transactions of the LYNC token incur a 1% fee on the receiving end, this fee is sent directly to the Reward Pool, this has been implemented so that it can provide a steady flow of tokens to the Reward Pool.

  • Reward Pool and token flow

One of the three core elements to the LYNC network is the Reward Pool. All transaction fees and staking penalties are sent directly to this pool. …

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Welcome Crypto Community!

After months of sleepless nights, brainstorming and prototyping, we are finally in a position to announce what we have been working soo hard towards. The LYNC Network project is finally going public today!

Our goal as a team is to create a passive token reward ecosystem, the token flow mechanics we aim to incorporate into our projects will hopefully ensure us, and our community, as a reputable and strong player in the cryptosphere.

We truly believe that our unique staking model in combination with the planned future DApps will help us achieve that. However, all this would be not be possible without a supportive and positive community and that is what we are hoping to build in the upcoming months. …


LYNC Network

The fundamental goal of the LYNC network is to create passive token rewards from the token flow mechanic that is central to the LYNC network.

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