Different Types of Smoke Curtains Provide by AFC

SOURCE: Australian Fire Control

Defender® Stripecoil smoke curtain systems

  • Having up to 3.5m drop length
  • Comes with safe gravity safe system
  • Aramid Fabric is used for bonding edges to protect it from damage and vandalism
  • System width without any limitation
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Allow for about 100 people to pass through per minute

Defender® — V vertical smoke curtain systems 

  • Comes in compact head box of 165 x 160mm
  • Design with high quality
  • Reduced lead times
  • It has small to medium size opening i.e. up to 8m wide
  • Having conditional warranty of 1 year
  • Economical design
  • Tested according to EN12101.1 and BS7346.3
  • Comes in different performance levels, ranging from D30 through to DH120

Defender® S perimeter Smoke Curtain Systems

  • Tested for 10,000 maintenance free cycles
  • Excellent fitting quality for long lasting life of the product
  • Comes with life-time conditional warranty for your assets
  • Outstanding quality motors which are tested to 50,000 fault free cycles
  • Quality CE Labelled controllers ((third party certified)

Defender® M perimeter smoke curtain systems

  • Cost effective due to modular components
  • Virtually invisible in no n-fire mode
  • Tested as per EN12101.1
  • There is no back-up battery required
  • Very light weighted
  • Can be used in multiple motors
  • Having gravity failsafe operation
  • Easy to install and retrofit

Defender® SC perimeter smoke curtain systems

  • Fully tested for 10,000 maintenance free cycles
  • Having top quality motors test to 50,000 fault free cycles
  • Comes with excellent quality fitting for its long life
  • Top quality fitting for long life

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