Fire Stopping Products: Fire Protection for Openings, Ductwork and Service Penetration


Fire stopping products like fire mortar, fire sealant, fire pillows and fire resistant boards is used for providing fire protection to different opening, service penetration and ductwork of floor and walls of the buildings. Some of the popular fire stopping products are discussed in this post.

1- Fire Rated Mortar

It’s a special cement based mixture formulation used for fire rating applications in floor and wall opening. It is ideal for openings in fire barriers that consist of mixed or complicated penetration types.

  • Benefits of Fire Rated Mortar

These cement based mixture formulations can be easily mixed with matter for consistency on site. About 14 litres of water is required to mix nearly 10 kg of fire rated mortar. Mortar mixture can be used for pouring or trowelling into floor or wall slabs. It does not shrink in fire conditions and is precisely tested with most service penetration types. The offered mortar can be ordered in ten kilogram bags and ensure fire stopping for up to 4 hours.

It has excellent pot life that makes it ideal for construction and contractors who want to minimize waste during fire stopping of service penetration in walls and floor openings. The fire rated mortar is easy to clean-up with low volatile organic compounds (VOC).

  • Application of Fire Rated Mortar

FyreSet mortar is used to fire stopping of service penetration in floor and wall opening where a specific Fire Resistance Levels (FRL) has to be maintained. It is used for sealing of pipe penetration and cables. These mortars can be used for difficult penetrations that require shaping and complex cutting of preformed materials.

  • Specifications

It is necessary to seal off the openings efficiently, to maintain the fire resistance levels of the floor or wall in accordance with the building code of Australia and AS1530. Fire Protection Products Perth WA like fire rated mortar, will be needed to be wrapped on ductile services such as copper pipes, cable trays and steel pipes, when full insulation rating or temperature rise is required for the fire resistance levels of floors or walls of any buildings.

2- Fire Rated Sealant

Sealant is formulated for sealing internal construction and expansion joints. In addition to this, it is ideal for opening of service penetrations requiring up to four hour fire ratings.

  • Application of Fire Rated Sealant

Two distinct applications are always associated with fyreflex sealants. It provides fire protection of expansion and construction joints in fire related barriers. In addition to this, these sealants are used to stop fire in services passing through opening in fire barriers. It is used for the sealing of internal joints of drywall systems, brick work, concrete, precast panels and block work. It makes use of state-of-the-art machinery and latest technology for sealing of pipe penetrations and electrical cables.

  • Specifications

In order to maintain the required fire resistance levels of wall or floor elements, treatment of sealants with construction and expansion joints is recommended by constructors and other experts. Service penetrations are to be fire resistant for maintaining the required FRL of the floor and wall elements by effective treatment of wall or floor holes with fire related sealants. It was considered to be first commercial available latex sealants in the markets of Australia.

3- Fire Rated Pillows

Made from a high temperature resistant and granulated fire stopping materials enclosed, fire rated pillows are used for temporary fire stopping of penetrations of walls and floors. It is ideal for very small penetration where fire protection is required by the Building Code of Australia. In conjunction with other Penetration Fire Stopping Perth WA, fire testing is carried out for floor and wall openings.

It is used in conjunction with other fire stopping sealants and is known for its easy clean-up, low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) formula. These fire-related pillows are a non-hazardous substance.

4- Fire Resistant Orbit Board

9 mm building board is precisely designed for use in many fire resistant and general purpose fire stopping applications. It is fire protection applications for walls and ceilings. Benefits of these fire resistant orbit boards are that these products are known for their lightweight and non-combustible nature. Up to 240 minutes of fire rating is provided by this fire resistant orbit board. In addition to this, these fire-resistant orbit boards use no asbestos and have low thermal conductivity.