I hate homeowner associations. I worked as a paralegal in real property and one of the firms had me help with homeowner associations. I understand the purpose behind homeowner associations, so don’t lecture me on that.

Most boards are overbearing and ridiculous. The term commonly heard as obnoxious as it sounds is “yard nazi.” A homeowner association we were under in a different city fit that description. We custom built a home and had a flower bed installed before we moved in, along with a native tree. Two years later the YN came around and told us our flowers and tree had not been approved by the board. My husband lost it. We also had coyotes that killed cats and left their remains in a mess. Great for kids to see Fluffy gutted. I contacted the federal wildlife officer for that area and he told me the dangers of having coyotes around and how he could get rid of the problem. He warned me that subdivision leaders rarely gave him permission to get rid of them. He was right. The board didn’t want to acknowledge there was a problem. I tried to warn people and they told me to stop.

So as much as I absolutely hate and despise homeowner associations, I am on the board of one. It isn’t a head game for me, especially since I bang my head every day dealing with these people…the rest of the board. One major complaint I’ve had against them since we moved in ten years ago is that they do not care what the law says about anything, surely they must be ignorant of the law. No. They want to do what they want to do deliberately, it is not out of ignorance of the law. As a former paralegal I just don’t get it.

The president of the board is absolutely unreasonable and I would use harsher terms. I could list many many things that the board has done over the years, not following the law. I now know it isn’t out of ignorance of the law, but willful disregard of the law. I have told the president the board is likely to get sued and she said it didn’t matter since whoever sues has to bear all the expenses, it won’t cost the board or association anything. WRONG — STUPID. I explained to her that isn’t the case with lawsuits. You have to defend lawsuits, many costs in fees and attorneys. The board is only insured to a certain amount as required by law, not to reasonable legal costs. She doesn’t care.

The board and the managing company don't want homeowners to know anything. I am setting up a website because the managing company said we had to do that and their costs were very high and we would still have to use a webmaster. So, I can do websites and I made the site based on what needs to be on there. I have it in the closed to public mode for updating purposes before it is released to the community. The president is horrible as she doesn’t want things on it.

My husband and I almost sued the board last year for over $6,000 it owed us, but you can’t get blood out of an onion. Now that I know the board is willfully disregarding the law, I don’t have any option but to resign. The board has already said the state would take it over and triple our fees.

Since the board turned a blind eye to crime, we have a crime and drug dealer problem. We have a secluded community so they think it is ideal to hide. My attempts to get a police community officer assigned to us was frustrated by the president not wanting that. We can’t sell our home due to everything. I have openly stated I would love to see an apartment company come in and buy out our owners so we can be free of the townhouses and association.

I’m such a terrible unreasonable person.

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