From the begining of creation, one can draw an inspiration from the power of words.God spoke words and everything he intended creating came into existence.(Genesis 1). Throughout Jesus' ministration on earth every word he spoke took effect in the lives of many. We are also told in the Word of God that our words have power,and the origin of those words come from our hearts.

It is true that most of us grew up in homes with our direct parents,step parents or guardians who used many negative words on us, or were taught by teachers, who did thesame or rather encountered people in our lives who also used negative words on us.All of these might have tempered with our self esteem, and the overall output of many of us.

This attutude has been the reason for many suicide cases, increase Crime waves / poor academic performances and overal outcomes of most of us in the past. This is what has actually pricked me in the past years, so i decided to learn to get a new personality.

What words Can do

Words can either build or destroy and so the choices of words we use on others and even to ourselves really matter.

  • words are the strongest drugs used by mankind_Rudyard Kipling

words can make or mar

  • The choices of words you consistently select shape your destiny_Anthony Robbins
  • Words have incredible power_Jeff keller
  • words can build a bright future, destroy an opportunity or help maintain the status quo._Jeff KellerWords reinforce your beliefs and beliefs and your beliefs create your realities

what you say is what you become.

We can change the choices of word we use on others( our children, pupils, ) and even on ourselves. The golden rule says we should do unto others what we want them to do unto us.This also means we should not use words on others that we will not like them to use unto us. We should also avoid using words that will not produce the results we want to see. Change your choice of words today and start using words that build.

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