Clumpped together in “THE ROOM” are a few groupies and a twenty-horse fantasy man named Captain Rolo “Cannonball” Fantastic. Rolo sometimes goes by the name of Rallo or Roll-Her-Over or Roll-Me-Another-One or simply Bob.

He spews Nietzsche-isms and Camus-isms and Heidegger-isms and Stewart-isms. The tiny tootsie rolls and sky muffins sitting in the desks hear nothing, not even an occasional, “Clear the back blast area. CANNONBALL incoming” for they have no ability to think in 4D.

You see, Captain Rolo “Cannonball” Fantastic reserves his plays for those who don’t need to sit in the audience.

He’s been known to taunt stupid spectators by asking them important questions such as, “Did you know that a man who walks five miles in the heat, turns around, and goes back to begin again, is stupid? Did you know that a man who plucks his eyebrows before pulling a Stoggy is stupid? Did you know that a man who dips his Popsicle in a dirty toilet is stupid?” These stupid spectators listen, take Cornell notes, then scurry to their local library to begin their life long quest. The CANNONBALL quest.

The groupies, especially the one with perfect hair, leave “THE ROOM” each day wondering if Captain Rolo “Cannonball” Fantastic has a tattoo on his ass that looks like

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