12 Reasons you should be using Facebook Marketing to Recharge your Business.

—Let’s take a journey as to how this will catapult your business —

Arbitrage of attention

To date, Facebook has 1.94 Billion active users, with each user spending an average of 20 minutes on Facebook, there’s plenty of time to let the world see what you have to offer. Clearly the most popular social media site with links to almost every other platform — it’s a gold mine for web traffic.

Brand Awareness

With all these eyes focused on your organization, scaling your brand image is so effective. Your brand is however going to take some harsh criticism from all the ‘experts’ and word does travel fast. Remember, this is only a platform, and a vehicle for your message to get to people’s attention, whatever is experienced here is just a gateway to the real world.

Interactive & engaging

Our New Drug

Social’ Media, yes, emphasis on social. It’s a social arena where attention is traded — is what you have to offer worth me giving my time to. The principle here is give give give and ask. Upfront value is key before making the sale. Unlike TV/Newspaper/Billboard ads where those are just one sided and in the customers face, and ineffective compared to new media such as Facebook which is two-sided and engages with consumers with real time insights and reactions — it gives you as a business owner way more leverage to create and distribute value.

Facebook Groups

Get Connected.

Create a group where existing customers and staff can engage with one another, throw around concepts and ideas to improve overall user experience.

This isn’t to be used for promotions and sales but more for discussions and Q&A — When someone posts in the group, all members will be notified and this ensures nobody ever misses an important update.

The concept of have a group tied to your brand also makes it feel more personal and gives your customer a sense of importance.

Live Video

This ties in with engagement. It is different however, here we can pique interest and create curiosity or go behind the scenes and show what really happens behind the scenes (If you have a restaurant, you can go live with a tour of the kitchen, meet the chefs and give some insight on how food is prepared etc.)

Live Audio

Audio is tool that is predicted to grow in the future as the consumer wants to be more efficient and do multiple things at once, you have their attention while they’re executing on their day to day activities. It’s similar to Live Video where the user can comment and interact with the broadcast, but it’s just minus the video. In both cases, LIVE captures the attention and has exclusivity as its ‘here and now’ as opposed to content that will always be there and can be procrastinated upon.


Let’s face it, people go to Facebook because they have nothing better to do — it’s to kill time and if you can captivate your lonely audience and be their friend, they’ll be forever grateful that you’ve touched their heart and maybe just maybe give you their wallet in the end.


Facebook among other sites, is possibly by far the biggest gold mine for information on human behavior and activity. It has harvested the information of close to 2 Billion users — and are extremely precise as to how much they’re harvesting and where people are clicking, where they’re looking and why they’re looking there. Facebook has an algorithm that basically keeps you hooked to their app, the longer you stay on the app, the more it drives their revenue up. (More users see their client’s ads, the clients pay them more)

Paid Ads

With Facebook's goldmine of insights, this is good news for you — Hyper-targeting, you can pick out precisely whose eyes your ads fall upon, effectively. Unlike conventional ads, where it falls on totally irrelevant users. This positively affects the efficiency of your campaigns and brand awareness as well.

Culture vs Strategy

We can agree that a strategy is useless when there is nothing to execute it upon. This is where it all comes together — your analytics, consumer base and your brand story. Loyal customers that understand your vision and a message which resonates with their identity. Culture is a learned behaviour whereby people operate out of habitually, it can defy all logic, but it feeds off social proof.

Culture is virtual on Facebook, it is in a way controlled programming of a pattern of consumption, there’s no way around it — if you can hack a culture, you qualify to sit around the fire with every other person with a similar mindset. Culture is built on trust. Culture eats strategy for breakfast every single time.

Viral Spiral

Emotions play a key role in viral and controversial content. This goes back to what I’ve mentioned about brand identity , you can read more about that here — viral is mostly organic and people share it because of these 3 top emotions, being: Happiness, Surprise, Admiration. If it triggers these emotions, your content or your message will reach millions.

This is however a gamble, you can’t make something go viral. I’ts always going to be up to the emotion of the end user and whether it latches onto their emotions or on a trend for that matter is what will be the deciding factor.

Increase in traffic (Funnel)

At the end of the day, all this attention and data is meaningless to you and the world if it’s not directed into a conversion system — where Attention=Revenue. So you’ve taken your customer on their journey, they have to end up somewhere right?

I’m certain that you’re not too fond of being led on and all those games lead to an imaginary place where nothing happens and all your time and attention was wasted — wasting time is a crime in this age, don’t put your customer through the same pain. As I was saying, before I got carried away, this traffic needs to lead your customer to a place where they have a product waiting for them to be purchased or into the door of your restaurant where you can give them the steak they’ve been seeing all over their Facebook — 1st impressions are everything, make it a lasting one.


Try Creating a piece of content, of yourself or your company that you think will go viral and share it on Facebook, you won’t know unless you try — Be sure to follow and tag me on my social media (Links below) so I can see your creation!

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