The Real Virtuality.

You were just told that a loved one has died. Intense emotions start pulsating through every atom of your being, leaving you numb. Your brain runs every diagnostic over repeatedly to see if this is real or just a dream.

What has just happened here ? You have been given a set piece of information that your operating system (Brain) has decoded to an experience that probably isn’t even physically real. It’s not yet been backed up visually — but emotionally you are so invested in this idea that it replays over in your mind until it becomes ingrained as a mental image.

Emotion. Electricity. Bluetooth. WiFi. Radio-waves — Just a few things that can be experienced but not seen, felt but not touched. Its an idea, concept, a source code that governs what is created and how we perceive it.

the universe is wider than our views of it —

The hole where the Rabbits live

How deep is this thing? Should we take this idea with a pinch of LSD? (I’m in no way encouraging you that you should take on the role of Alice!) The age old question is — is this Reality even Real? Some may answer yes. This phone in my hand is real, I can touch it, it’s solid. It’s all matter, but none of that is true, bottom line is that we don’t live in a solid world. This has been proven time and again by science. We live in an illusory world that appears to be physical, interpreted by our brain through electrical impulses of a binary nature that gives us a certain experience.

Virtual Manifestation

It makes sense to say that we are experiencing a highly advanced form of a simulation or a video game. The very extent to which virtual reality has reached, and how people are emotionally intrigued by it, can already give you an idea of how this system works. What VR does, is it stimulates your sensory receptors, essentially hijacking your senses giving you input that manipulates what you experience and how you decode reality.

Let me break it down — This wave form information (perceived as light , sound , etc.) is turned into electrical information and communicated to the brain and the brain decodes it into the reality we think we’re experiencing. It’s similar to the working of WiFi, it’s all around you, but you can’t see the actual packets and bits of information, this information is however picked by the computer and converted into what we see on the screen. All over the screen we see pictures, words, graphics — but everywhere else it’s just bits of encoded information that has yet to be interpreted.

The human mind is an operating system, the most advanced operating system to the most powerful species in the universe. One of its many complex functions is to receive and transmit information — interacting with this field (The cosmic internet) as this process unfolds, it appears to us that we are ‘in’ this world but we are actually only decoding it — just like the computer decodes information from the tower and projects it onto the screen , in a totally different form.

The sensory hacking process achieved by Virtual reality video games is basic, it hacks into the five-sense decoding processes of the body and manipulates the experience by transmitting other information to it and overrides what it normally decodes in our so called reality — and people see this as being completely real.

The feeling of being present and in the moment

The feeling of being still, letting go of everything, all understanding and experience — somehow in this moment we feel as if we’re connected to everything not being bombarded by programming, a calming sensation of being in control with no expectation. This is freedom. It sounds simple, yet it’s so rare and sacred.

Being in this space allows us to create — also known as the flow state, where expression flows freely and art is created. It’s when the ego of our mind takes a step back and lets the floodgates of the expression of our desires flow through. Now we may experience this in bursts at times, but this is only at about 20% — because we’re kind of trying to still latch on to this ‘reality’ and that’s essentially holding us back from falling into adventure.

It’s Binary. I’m either experiencing, which is submersion into a field of stimulation, that which was created or I’m Creating, which is surrendering into the depth of the unexplored and new neural pathways are created for energy to flow.

We have rendered the tools to bring us the layers of reality beyond our perceptual grid, into our perceptual grid. Art is the lie that reveals the truth.

What we choose to see and what dictates what is seen

So what we are seeing is all an Illusion? What if I told you that every possible thing that could possibly exist is already around us, but its just a matter of becoming aware of it and pointing it out. This is what we’re wired for, seeking out patterns and connections that make sense to our context. We can be so focused on certain things that we block everything else out — this doesn’t mean that the things we did not see weren’t present or didn’t exist in that moment, we were just simply not aware of its presence.

It’s purely a matter of focus on a particular context. Perspective — What you focus on grows — I know what you’re thinking gentlemen, No.

Just to prove to you how powerful your mind is and how precise it is, I’d like you to try something. Now you don’t have to — but the mere fact that you’re going to see what I’m going to show you, means you’ve anticipated it and created this scenario in your mind. So this is meant to be! Here it is…..

The Mind Blowing Experiment— look around and focus on a certain colour in particular, find at least 5 things that are that colour — now close your eyes and try identifying at least another 5 things that are a different colour.
Let me know a bit about what you experienced in the comments (The best epiphany wins)- We choose what we see so what are we choosing not to see

The Shaman and Columbus’ ships is an accurate depiction of how we only see what we’re trained to see, Here it is:

So with that , is anything really coincidence or just a preconceived notion or expectation that eventually shows itself to us visually?

We create our environment and in turn our environment creates us.

We were not made to live in the bounds of this reality but to create our own. Nothing is new under the sun though, its just a matter of discovery and new perspective. Romans 12:2

Call To Action

This experiment is taken from Pam Grouts book, E-Cubed.

I urge you to do this experiment , just to prove to you how your mind and faith works — it involves keeping your eyes open and drawing things into your awareness, as you usually do. It works the same as ordering something online, once you’ve ordered something you expect it to show up as ordered.

For the next 72 hours you are going to actively look for these 7 “possibilities”

  • A senior citizen with a fancy hat
  • A Swiss army knife.
  • A billboard with a message for you.
  • A Clown
  • A Smile from a baby
  • The Number 444
  • A silver baseball bat

Caution — This can get really freaky. Think of it as a scavenger hunt. To Spice this up even more, a free wine tasting for 2 people, will go to the reader that shares this story and sends the best photographs of all 7 items on this list to my email,

— Let the manifestation begin !

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