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Signs in a shop window and bottle cap in Silicon Valley

In the Wall Street Journal I read a piece by a journalist who set out to thank everyone who contributed to making his cup of coffee ( He found the task endless as he peeled back the many layers of value-creation that produced the coffee: “It required the combined labor of artists, biologists, politicians, mechanics, miners and goatherds. It took airplanes, boats, trucks, motorcycles, vans, pallets and shoulders. It depended on a vast range of materials, from steel and wood to explosives and bat guano. It relied on ancient wisdom and space-age technology, on freezing temperatures and scorching heat.”


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The other night I ran into a neighbor. We were both out on a night walk. Michael shared an interesting story. Recently, I wrote a couple of posts about positivity and community change. My neighbor provided an illustration of both at work.

I live on a lagoon in a neighborhood named Calodyne. Even here, on a beautiful stretch of shore, there is litter. Beer bottles, snack wrappers thrown by people who come to sit by the water. My neighbor, a Mauritian who lived in Scotland, was appalled by the trash. In Scotland, he said, he had as many as seven…

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I have been thinking about forgiveness recently. What does it mean to forgive? What does it take? What does it do? Who offers it? To whom?

I have just returned from Rwanda where it is the month of Kwibuka, which means ‘remember.’ Kwibuka is the annual commemoration of the 1994 genocide that claimed the lives of a million Rwandans. It has been twenty-four years now. Each year, Rwanda remembers and focuses on healing.

Forgiveness is letting go of the anger and hurt that we hold within, so we can heal. Anger and hurt are triggered by harm we have experienced…

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I have never lived anywhere with quite as many rainbows as Mauritius. They appear often, rising suddenly out of the sea, arching over the mountains, and soaring across the sky.

Rainbows symbolize diversity and unity, many colors bending together. It is fitting that rainbows grace the landscape of Mauritius. It is a small nation with a surprising diversity of people — ethnicities and religions — who live in harmony. Yet rainbows are fragile and fleeting. So too is diversity on the island.

At a gathering of changemakers in Mauritius, I heard that people have a high degree of tolerance but…

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Yesterday I passed a woman at the traffic light on the way to the market in Mauritius. She had a broom, a bucket, and a radiant smile. She was cleaning the street, but with great joy. I have always been impressed by the power of people to rise above the humble and humdrum roles they occupy and radiate joy.

A shining example of this is Larry, the after-hours security guard at my former organization. Many security guards sit quietly at the entrance, making little eye contact, and only speaking when they are spoken to. Not so Larry. Larry started work…

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For Elone, for us

It is said that it is darkest before dawn

Before night fades, it draws its cloak tighter and digs in

But dawn appears, gently nudging the darkness to retreat

So it is that three of our students

Out on a night of celebration to mark the end of term

Drove home as the night turned dark and deep before dawn

And, as it would be, they were struck, suddenly

By a force unseen, out of the darkness

One of our sisters fell, as night fled

Leaving two behind, injured

Leaving us all wounded

We ask:


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By Lyndon Rego (in Mauritius)

Upon the beach at Anse La Raie
I discovered a small statue of Kali
Uncovered by the tide

I stopped to look
As the water rippled around her
She stood still, standing atop a resting Shiva
A messenger from time immemorial

Time flows, like the tide, she whispered
Life rises and falls
You too will fade, she motioned, a severed head held in her hand
This moment, under the sparkling sun, was never before, and never will be again

Every moment is born, every moment dies The universe turns, be one with it Be still…

Lyndon Rego

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