Objectivity is dead, and I’m okay with it
Lewis Wallace

Hello Lewis

People are tired, they have been dragged through,

Women votes,
Gay rights,
Transgender recognition,

Just to name a few.

Each frontier leads to ever newer and louder demands.
Only the left have feelings, only they can be victims, only they can be offended. I know they will not be happy until there is nothing more on which to feed, except themselves.
You speak of facts, but do not recognize the medias complicity in suppressing them, for example the rapes on New Years Eve in Germany.
There are too many elephants in too many rooms, made invisible by rose colored glasses.
The masses notice the elephants you know.
Do the media realize what they have done ?
Fake News ?
The arrogance of Obama to invent it, of the media to promote it and complain when it blows up in their faces.
You want to double down on this ? Amp up the chatter with more of the same ? Look where it has led us.
The trust is completely gone, the present has past, welcome to a new era where the media have joined politicians, used car salesmen, lawyers and bankers in a race to the bottom.

I hope this has helped in your understanding of the current situation.

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