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I began the challenge thinking that I would focus solely on writing creative nonfiction. Writing fiction has never interested me. I always considered myself more of an academic writer, but years ago I took one composition course in college where the instructor introduced us to creative nonfiction. I really enjoyed the creativity that came with that type of writing, but I just never did it in my own time. I wanted to get back to that and try my hand at it to see what I was capable of and how much I could improve. As to your question about personal content, time, and the length of the pieces, I have found that the more personal pieces I post take me longer to write. The actual writing goes pretty quickly, but I think about those ideas for a much longer period of time before actually sitting down to put words on the page. I have some deeply personal topics that I have considered writing about here on Medium, but right now I’m sitting on them because A) I’m not ready and B) I’m considering a longer writing project. But even some of the shorter personal pieces I have written here I could see rewriting as longer pieces, from a different angle, later on down the road. I have seen some themes emerge — some of them I was anticipating, others I was not. I don’t know that I would have seen some of the themes emerge if I wasn’t writing and posting regularly. I will say that not all of my posts are directly about my life. Sometimes I need a break, and that is when I’ll write a post about writing or some other topic (usually something connected to my experience as a teacher or as a reader, but definitely with less emphasis on my life and more emphasis on practical advice or reflection on the craft). I don’t know if this long-winded response answers your questions clearly or not. If not, please feel free to ask more! Thank you for reading and responding, Maria.

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