I don’t agree that to do nothing is to be complicit in sexism, racism, classism etc.
John Hopkins

Thank you for reading and responding, John. I appreciate it. You presented ideas that I’ve been thinking about, and I plan to do more reading. I agree that we need to pay more attention and be more informed about what is happening globally — that is something I am working on.

I understand the sentiment of “not stopping the fire is not the same as fueling it.” But at some point, I believe that standing by and saying or doing nothing does indicate a certain degree of complicity. I might not feel that sexism or racism is okay, but unless I say or do anything, what is that feeling accomplishing? And I’m not talking about standing up and shouting, “Sexist pig!” or just calling people out and telling them they are wrong. I’m talking about starting conversations, about talking through these issues, and about sharing my knowledge and views. And yes, about arguing sometimes. As I said to Leslie, I’m trying to listen and respond to what I hear.

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