2017 Resolutions & Guidelines (sort of)

Photo by Emily Maye for Tracksmith.

Better late than never. Here’s my list of 2017 resolutions to keep me kind-of-sort-of honest:

  • Learn how to REALLY use my SLR camera (auto-mode doesn’t count). This will lead me to my future career as a full-time professional sports photographer. Set reminder for 2020 goals.
  • Write more. (On it.)
  • Read more.
  • Draw more. (See Mom, I’m using my fine art degree.)
  • Run more.
  • Run because I want to, not because I have to.
  • Pace a few races. (Anyone need a rabbit?)
  • Do a better job of plugging into current (and scary) events and have intelligent and open-minded conversations about our political climate. And then do something about it.
  • Unplug from my phone after 8pm.
  • Call my brother more.
  • Scuba dive at least once this year.
  • Make a five*cough* one year plan.
  • Make mo’ money.
  • Learn when to say no. See similar sentiment in Ashley Higginson’s guide to being a badass.
  • Learn when to say yes. (Travel should always be a yes. Unless it’s a last minute flight that costs waaaaay too much. Let’s be reasonable.)
  • No days off — mentally or physically. Meaning no days off, just floating by, going to work, coming home and zoning out. Every day matters. Use my brain and my body in a challenging way. Read a challenging article (Buzzfeed does not count), stretch out, easy run, thoughtful conversation, meditate.
  • Come up with more resolutions.