Odd Spot 01 // Oscar Pettersson

A celebration of creators at the intersection of internet art, virtual reality, multi-sensory design and digital wellness, who embody the spirit of luxury escapism.

Oscar Pettersson (@0scarpettersson)is a Stockholm-based motion designer whom we love for his hypnotic 3D looping animations that combine soothing color palettes, organic shapes and gliding movement. His work is the ultimate mental muscle relaxant.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Oscar and I’m a freelancing motion designer.

What is your creative process?

I usually start out with an idea of what I want to create, and then a lot of interesting problems appear. That’s where the fun begins, solving problems. Problems usually create new problems. The harder the problem, the better content I create.

What is the weirdest thing you do to get inspired?

Going to sleep without a phone or pen close by.

Describe your aesthetic in three words

Seamless, Simple and Surprising.

How has the internet influenced your work?

I follow a lot of engineering accounts on Instagram where I find a lot of inspiration, then I like to combine the engineering complexity with simple and clean interior design. So Instagram influences my work.

How do you embody luxury escapism?

Meditation, Running and Flightmode.

Is technology good or evil — why?

I think a universal rule is “use not abuse”. We can use technology to enhance our lives but if we aren’t conscious about our use, the technology will use us.

What is your ultimate escape?

Early mornings at the office when everyone else is asleep.

Favorite websites? — surprise us!

http://motionographer.com and https://sivers.org

What is one thing about you that we wouldn’t expect?

I run 10km (6.2mi) below 35 minutes :)

#00544A — Deep Cyan

Name the college course you’d teach

Mental Models for Enhanced Creativity

What color is your aura?

#00544A — Deep Cyan

What is your dream project?

A project where I could impact a lot of people’s minds — where the viewer can learn something about themself that will change their belief system to the better. Making them question and act upon unconscious bad behaviors. So for example, I’d like to create a video for a meditation app like Headspace or Waking Up with Sam Harris.