Pretty: the greatest lie a girl is sold
rebecca asquith

Awesome article Rebecca Asquith. The undiluted truth about beauty and what really works. Just love s your words: ‘The most powerful and beautiful women I know are beautiful because they know themselves. Their eyes are not flat, but on fire with a spark and spunk that no hyper-blue purple contact lens can imitate. Their eyes never ask you to like them — they tell you they are It.’ May these words beplastered on bill-boards across the world.

I have been noticing that so many shots of women modelling fashion in glossy magazines lately look extremely anxious, disturbed and bruised — and this perhaps is being introduced to magnify that already popular (because forced upon us!) ‘edgy’ look, to ingrain this as the fashion norm — there is an attempt to nudge the radiant smile from one who knows her worth and power off page and screen. So there is more to it than selling clothes and fashion, there is a move, albeit not very conscious, to say that it is okay to be this way, to be less than you can be, that you won’t be considered fsahionable if you let that tell-tale joy slip through and illumine your face. Stunning and radiant beauty is being outlawed — and yet we all have access to it and can call it in any time — to ‘enjoy the skin you are in’ and choose whatever make-up and clothes will simply bring the expression that is yoursand that the world is waiting for.

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